Terms & Conditions

1) All the Mobile phones sold under Al Anees Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of minimum ONE Year from the date of original retail purchase. The consumer must carry the original invoice to claim the warranty

2) The Limited Warranty does not include consumables and accessories such as Battery, Memory Cards, Covers, Headsets and other enhancements.

3) A replacement product/part assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.

4) Al Anees will bear no responsibility and claims if the customer has failed to collect their device within 30 days of after repair was done.

5) Before you deliver your product for warranty service it is your responsibility to keep a separate backup copy of the system software, application software and data, and disable any security passwords. You will be responsible for reinstalling all such software, data and passwords. Data recovery is not included in the warranty service and Al Anees is not responsible for data that may be lost or damaged during transit or a repair.

6) This warranty does NOT apply:

a)To damage caused by accident,liquid damage, abuse, misuse and misapplication of the warranted product

b)To damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not an Al Anees Authorized Service Provider

c)To a product or a part that has been modified without the written permission of AI Anees Of any serial number has been removed or defaced

e)To normal wear and tear or otherwise due to normal aging of the product ftlf any broken seals or other evidence of tampering is found

g) Defects, damages, or failure of the product due to any service provider or network issue, the customer may subscribe to.

h) If the battery or handset is short circuited or the seals are broken or show evidence of tampering

i) If the product was used with any accessories not supplied with the orginal pack, not fit for use or used in other than its intended use.

7) Delivery time, terms & fees –  Delivery in 24 – 48 hrs. Free delivery within Doha. 20 Qr delivery charges applicable for all Outside Doha orders. scheduling deliveries based on customer convenience.

8) Mode of payment – Cash on delivery, card on delivery , shop pick up and payment options.

9) Cancellation of order  – Customer is free to cancel The order anytime before the delivery time.

10) Damages & defects – Any handling damages & defects from our end while delivering would be replaced upon instant notification.

11) Return, Refund and Exchange – Customers are eligible for exchange/return/refund upon returning the product in sealed/sold condition along with a valid invoice.