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Zoom H6 Portable Handy Recorder in Qatar
Zoom Handy Recorder in Qatar
Handy Microphone in Qatar
Handy Microphone Qatar Price
Zoom H6 Portable Handy Recorder in Qatar
Zoom Handy Recorder in Qatar
Handy Microphone in Qatar
Handy Microphone Qatar Price

Zoom H6 Portable Handy Recorder

QAR 1,599.00
QAR 1,599.00

Ideal for bands, multi-instrumentalists, and podcasters, the Zoom H6 portable handheld recorder lets you quickly record up to six simultaneous input signals regardless of your audio experience.

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Zoom H6 Portable Handy Recorder in Qatar
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Number of Tracks : WAV: 6 MP3: 2
Max Sample Rate/Resolution : 96 kHz / 24-Bit
Microphone : Interchangeable Cardioid Condenser Stereo Pair, X/Y Configuration Interchangeable Condenser Stereo Pair, Mid/Side Configuration
Built-In Speaker : Yes, 400 mW Mono
Display : 2" / 5.08 cm Color LCD (Backlit)
Memory Card Support : SD (16 MB to 2 GB) SDHC (4 to 32 GB) SDXC (64 to 128 GB)
Internal Storage : None
Audio File Formats : BWF, MP3, WAV
Sample Rates : WAV: 44.1 / 48 / 96 kHz MP3: 44.1 kHz
Bit Depth : 16 / 24-Bit
Product Id : 0

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Fast, User-Friendly Operability
The H6’s front panel is ergonomically arranged with its most essential and commonly used controls—transport buttons for record, play/pause, stop, back, and forward operations, individual record-arm buttons that double as mute switches during playback, large gain knobs, and pad switches. For added safety, a hold switch disables all front-panel buttons to prevent accidental operation during recording.

Day or night, view vital information such as audio levels, recording time, battery status, and more on the 2″ full-color LCD, which happens to be backlit and angled for maximum visibility.

Instant Access to Gain Adjustments
Each H6 input has its own dedicated gain control knob. There’s no track selection or button pressing required to optimize your recording levels; just turn the dials (clearly labeled from 0 to 10) anytime you need to adjust the gain. If your XLR-1/4″ input sources are so loud that you need even less gain than the preamps provide at the “0” setting, use four front-panel pad switches to attenuate the combo inputs by 20 dB.

Interchangeable Stereo Microphone Capsules
Leave your external mics at home and travel light; the H6 includes two interchangeable stereo microphone capsules. With nothing more than the H6, you’re set to record speech, practice sessions, concerts, or ambient and environmental sounds, even ear-rattling ones up to 136 dB (via the X/Y capsule)!

The XYH-6 capsule provides clear, phase-accurate capture in two different X/Y positions—90° for a tight stereo image or 120° for a wider perspective. Just twist the capsules to their premarked positions to switch between the two configurations.

Switch to the MSH-6 capsule to record in a mid-side configuration. Its front-facing directional element picks up direct signal while the side-facing bidirectional element captures ambience. The H6’s integrated MS decoder allows adjustment to the perceived width of the stereo image, which is beneficial for sound design, broadcasting, or general stereo-to-mono compatibility.

Supports Interchangeable Zoom Mic Capsules
The Zoom mic capsule input on the H6 accommodates Zoom’s line of separately available interchangeable capsules, which can be swapped out as easily as the lenses of a camera. With shock-mounted X/Y and mono or stereo shotgun mic capsules to choose from, you can be ready to record music, dialog, or sound effects without carting an external microphone setup. Opt for the EXH-6 combo input capsule to accept two additional mic/line signals via XLR-1/4″ jacks.

Six Channels of Microphone/Line Inputs
Equipped with four XLR-1/4″ combo inputs and a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack input (on the XYH-6 capsule), the H6 can accommodate condenser microphones, +4 dB balanced line-level sources, or signals from unbalanced instruments with active electronics. Turn on 12, 24, or 48 VDC phantom power to the XLR jacks, or 2.5V plug-in power to the mini jack. Whether you plan on recording studio condenser mics, feeds from wireless receivers, or a lavalier and shotgun mic combo for an interview, the H6’s preamps are ready to deliver low-noise (-120 dB EIN) performance.

Record All Channels Live or Overdub Layers
The H6 boasts 6-channel recording at up to 24-bit / 96 kHz resolution. Record all channels simultaneously or utilize the overdubbing function to add layers of instruments after an initial recording. Adjust levels and pans for your tracks, then use the H6’s internal mixdown function to blend six tracks down to a stereo file.

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