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zhiyun smooth q2 in qatar
zhiyun smooth q2 price in qatar
zhiyun smooth q2 in qatar doha
smooth q2 in qatar doha
zhiyun smooth q2 in qatar
zhiyun smooth q2 price in qatar
zhiyun smooth q2 in qatar doha
smooth q2 in qatar doha

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer

QAR 449.00
QAR 449.00

SMOOTH-Q2 is the small size mobile phone gimbal ever created by ZHIYUN, one that is born to empower everyone to be a filmmaker.

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Freeshiping Qatar
Freeshiping Qatar
Brand : Zhiyun
Product Type : Smartphone Gimbal
Connectivity : Bluetooth v5.0
Dimension : 204*102*41.5mm (WDH)
Battery Capacity : 4500mAh
Battery Charge Time : 3 Hours
Standby Time : 17 Hours

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The Truly Pocket-Size Smartphone Gimbal
ZHIYUN has come a long way in exploring the ultimate compact form factor without any compromise in functionality. We turned our eye of precision and dedication into every detail, to deliver a beauty of pure simplicity to filmmakers of all levels. Introducing SMOOTH-Q2, the engaging gimbal ready to work without any fuss, the ultimate smartphone gimbal redefining the concept of compactness.

Ultimate Small Ultra Strong
Unlike any other gimbal in the market, you don’t need to fold up SMOOTH-Q2 to make it small. Measuring only 204mm long, SMOOTH-Q2 is almost equivalent to a sunglass case that you can throw to your handbag. The aluminum-built miniaturized body is crafted for maximum solidity. Coated with soft silicone, the handle is comfortable in your hand.

Functionality in Simplicity
Switch among versatile modes with one button. Besides Pan Following Mode, Following Mode and Lock Mode, SMOOTH-Q2 integrates Vortex Mode which gives videomakers the freedom to create 360-degree barrel shots in all dimension. Newly added Full-Range POV Mode allows 360-degree synchronous movement on three axes, providing an immersive effect to the video.

Shoot. Play.Memorize
Take SMOOTH-Q2 out of your pocket and ready to shoot. Enjoy the fantastic moment and let the SMOOTH-Q2 to help you keep the moment in memory.

Quick Release Latch for Instant On and Off
We take care of every detail to make it compact and more importantly, easy to use. The innovative quick release latch design and handy phone clamp allow you to take on and off the smartphone in a split second. Maximum payload: 260g.

Clip up and Go
The clip-up design realizes easy transition between standby mode and startup mode by folding and expanding the horizontal arm of the gimbal.

New Portrait for Live Stream
The new generation algorithm allows you to enter a new portrait mode in an effort-saving manner. Live stream now!

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