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Sencor SBL 4373RD Glass Jug Blender in Qatar
Sencor SBL 4373RD Glass Jug Blender in Qatar

Sencor SBL 4373RD Glass Jug Blender

QAR 179.00
QAR 179.00

HIGH QUALITY REMOVABLE SIX STAINLESS STEEL BLADES. Touch ‘n’ Feel the Best Quality. Helps to Prevent Enzyme and Vitamin Loss. Helps to Reduce Nutri Smoothie Oxidatio.

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Freeshiping Qatar
Freeshiping Qatar
Brand : Sencor
Type : Blender
Model : SBL 4373RD
Motor : 600 Watt Powerful Motor
Glass Jug : 1.5 Liter

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MAIN BENEFITS Europe’s most trusted quality Brand SENCOR, now available to us. Quality trusted by Europe, America, Middle-East and other parts of the world now reached to us. Extract Hardly Reachable Nutrition Hidden in Seeds, Grains, Nuts, Breaking Down Whole Fruits & Vegetables Transform Whole, Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds, and other Superfoods into Supreme Liquid Power for your Body Nutri Smoothie May Support Improvement of Sleep, Digestion & After Sport Recovery Nutri Smoothie Helps Recharging Energy of your Body throughout the Day Ideal for Making Soups, Baby Food, Sauces, Cocktails and other Meals Safety Mechanism Enabling Start only in Correct Position Anti-Slip Feet for Extra Safety

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