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Mi Motion Actived Night Light in Qatar Doha
Mi Motion Light in Qatar
Mi Motion Light in Qatar Doha
Mi Motion Actived Night Light in Qatar Doha
Mi Motion Light in Qatar
Mi Motion Light in Qatar Doha

Mi Motion-Activated Night Light

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Bring the Illumination You Need Let us fulfill your imagination for night light. Easy installation, no need to plug or wire. Wide sensing range provides satisfying lighting experience.

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Brand : Xiaomi
Product Type : Motion Light
Dimensions : 84 * 84 * 36mm
Weight : 141g
Sensor : body infrared + light sensor
Brightness : low 0.7lm, high 3.8lm
Color Temperature : 2700K
Battery type : AA (three)

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Intelligent lighting, anytime, anywhere
Quality lighting demands creativity and ingenuity. Discover the Mi Motion-Activated Night Light, crafted to be the night light of your dreams.
Break free from wall sockets and say goodbye to tedious installation.
A wide sensing range lights up the darkest corners and lets you enjoy 365 nights of energy efficient, soft illumination.
You don’t need to say a word. Even on the darkest nights, the Mi Motion Activated Night Light understands.

As you enter the room,extraordinary sensitivity detects your every move.
Wide 120° sensing area with a 5-7 meter detection range. Using an advanced light sensor + infrared motion detection technology, it automatically activates during nighttime hours so that even in darkness, it captures your every move. The light automatically shuts off 15 seconds after motion stops. An additional feature preventing infrared interference means that wherever you go, the light stays with you.

Energy efficiency that lasts for 365 nights
With 3 AA batteries included, you’re no longer tied down by sockets. The light uses a sophisticated, energy efficient sensor that consumes as little as 0.25 mW of energy in standby mode. It has two brightness settings. In 0.7 lumen mode, the light lasts for approximately 12 months, and in 3.8 lumen mode, it lasts for approximately 6 months.

Flexible, wire-free lighting that can go anywhere
The back of the Mi Motion-Activated Night Light features a convenient 3M adhesive, allowing it to be mounted anywhere and freeing you from the constraints of sockets.
Whether it’s a closet, locker, doorway or garage, on a stairwell or underneath the bed, it can go anywhere.
An innovative hook design creates light that that can hang in any place you need it.

Ingenious technology that lights up the night
The light is equipped with an ultra-thin Fresnel lens, which helps improve sensor performance. The cover is layered in a reflective fish scale design, whose crystalline structure efficiently reflects and diffuses light. It creates an even glow that illuminates all areas equally,
meaning that your family can enjoy brighter and clearer nights.

Natural, comfortable lighting that brightens your night
With infants at home, seeing clearly is a high priority. Sudden light during the night can irritate the sensitive eyes of infants whose vision is still developing. The Mi Motion-Activated Night Light emits soft, warm light without any directed flash, providing an extra layer of protection for the sensitive eyes of your baby.

Exquisite craftsmanship and a focus on quality
The Mi Motion-Activated Night Light uses environmentally friendly ABS plastic and high-density polyethylene, making this small light more reliable,
flexible, durable and safe.

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