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Huawei Sound X Bluetooth Speaker in Qatar
Huawei Sound X Bluetooth Speaker
Huawei Sound X Bluetooth Speaker in Qatar
Huawei Sound X Bluetooth Speaker

Huawei Sound X – Bluetooth Speaker

QAR 1,299.00
QAR 1,299.00

Huawei’s Share function lets you use the Sound X as a 360° speaker for music or video played on a Huawei handset. All you have to do is tap the phone to the speaker. And when someone calls you, the speaker pauses automatically.

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Brand : Huawei
Type : Bluetooth Speaker
Frequency Response : 40 hz - 40 Khz
Sound Track : HUAWEI Sound, 360°Surround
Speaker Diameter : 2 of woofers 6 of full-range speakers
Product Id : 18605

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Shake up your senses with Devialet dual subwoofers
We’ve joined forces with Devialet to engineer an audio experience you’ll feel as well as hear.
HUAWEI Sound X harnesses the power of Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching (SAM®) technology, which tailors sound to the characteristics of the speakers. This means the dual subwoofers faithfully reproduce sound signals in real time, bringing you high fidelity audio exactly as it was meant to be heard.
The bass hits as low as 40 hz, with a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to 20 mm, so you’ll see, hear and feel the vibrations.

Small but mighty
Don’t underestimate it – HUAWEI Sound X packs a far more powerful punch than its small size would suggest. Its dual subwoofers are crafted from magnetic rare earth materials, giving them the power to create massive vibrations. They’re also hyper sensitive, producing enormous sound with minimal power input, so the speaker will blow you away with its sound, not its size.

Rock steady
HUAWEI Sound X delivers up to SPL 93 dB2 of clear, nuanced sound, no matter how loud you like it. Most traditional speaker units shake and lose quality at high volumes. That’s not a problem for HUAWEI Sound X, thanks to Devialet’s Push-Push Acoustic Design. Each of the symmetrical dual subwoofers cancels out the vibrations of the other, suppressing distortion at any volume.

Immerse yourself in 360° of high-fidelity sound
HUAWEI Sound X builds a rich environment of sound for you to experience.
The speaker is fitted with six powerful tweeters which utilize our HUAWEI Sound algorithm to produce stunning surround sound, creating a tremendous sense of space.
Each tweeter has been individually designed for optimum sound, and together they push the speaker’s frequency as high as 40 Khz.

Huawei Share
When you’re listening to a song on your phone and want to really feel it, give HUAWEI Sound X a tap. It instantly takes over, breathing new life into your music with its dual subwoofers and automatic sound field awareness. Get ready to experience your favorite songs in a whole new way.

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