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Godox LED Light Stick LC500 in Qatar
Godox LED Light Stick LC500 in Qatar

Godox LED Light Stick LC500

QAR 750.00
QAR 750.00

The LED Light Stick LC500 by Godox is an innovative LED daylight bar, which allows fast and very intutitive light guidance. The LED Light Stick can be guided by hand, allowing for very fast control of illumination and flexible positioning. But it also has a tripod connection and can be integrated into any light set.

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Color Temperature : 5600K ± 300K - 3300K ± 300K
Color Accuracy Standard : CRI 95 at 5600K - TLCI 95 at 3300K
Cooling System : Passive
Dimming : Yes, 10 to 100%
Display : LCD
Photometrics : 111.5 fc / 1200 lux at 3.28' / 1 m
Number of LEDs : 516
Fixture Dimensions : 2.2 x 22.2" / 56.0 x 565.0 mm
Fixture Weight : 26.8 oz / 760 g (Including Battery)
Remote Control Type : Proprietary Wireless
Wireless Channels / Groups : 16 / 6
Power Source : Integrated Battery
Max Power Consumption : 18 W
Battery Run Time : 2 Hours at Full Power
Charging Time : 2.5 Hours

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The LED Light Stick LC500 from Godox looks like a light saber or wand and its “magic” is its versatility and sheer pleasure of use. The Light Stick is 22″ long with a diameter of 2″ and its 516 LEDs have a color temperature of 5600K or 3300K to meet ambient conditions, match other fixtures, or just for creative effects. Light intensity is variable too, from 10 to 100% to meet your subject’s illumination requirements. While its output is omni-directional, it can be shaped and directed by the included barndoors.

The Light Stick’s handle makes it a shoe-in for hand-holding and use as a hairlight, side light, or main light for selective lighting and distinctive portraiture. Additionally, the female threads on the base of the handle allow stand-mounting and hands-free use. A wireless remote control with 16 channels and 6 groups is provided to make adjustments at a distance. The Light Stick has a built-in Li-ion battery that gets two hours of run time on a 2.5-hour charge. A padded carry case is furnished for storage and transport.

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