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Carrera 534 Hair Straightener

QAR 295.00
QAR 295.00

Smooth hair too smooth? Curls too curly? We don’t have an opinion either way, but we do have the perfect tool if you want to ring the changes. With spring-loaded styling plates. Permament ionization. And a boost mode for faster heating when time is tight. That’s right, we hate waiting too.

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Brand : Carrera
Type : Straightener
Model : 534
Power : 40 W
Weight : 890 g

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In a superficial world, coatings are everything.
Crimping irons were last century. Our generous styling plates are made of high quality aluminium for optimal heat distribution, with a ceramic coating that helps hair glide right through. Keratin pampers your hair with important proteins, while an argan oil supplement regenerates the surface to keep your hair soft and springy.

How hot is perfection?
The digital display tells you at a glance how hot things are in degrees Celsius. You can set your straightener to the ideal temperature in 10-degree steps: hotter for thicker hair, cooler for finer hair, plus a few degrees either way to suit your personal preferences. The overheat cutout shuts your straightener off if you forget, or leave the room.

Boost mode
Patience is a virtue, but who has the time? Just press boost mode, and your styling plates are ready to go in a mere 30 seconds. That’s faster than it takes to do your eyelashes.

Precise temperature control
A good hair straightener must almost be as temperature-sensitive as human hair. We think that steps of 10°C are perfect. They allow you to approach your ideal temperature carefully.

Spring-mounted styling plates
Pressure is force per unit area, and too much is not a good idea. Our spring-loaded styling plates spread the pressure evenly, protecting your hair from snagging or too much stress for optimal results.

We love details
We certainly said that before. However, this love does not just stop at the packaging. So our tools are presented on CARRERA yellow background with a little text informing about the key features.

Protective bag
A storage bag not only pays off when travelling, but also protects your appliance from sharp edges. Thanks to the heat resistance, the hair straightener can be stored directly after use.

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