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Amazfit Band 2 in Qatar
Amazfit Band 2 Price in Qatar
Amazfit in Qatar
Amazfit Band 2 in Qatar
Amazfit Band 2 Price in Qatar
Amazfit in Qatar

Amazfit Band 2

QAR 239.00
QAR 239.00

Make the Amazfit Band 2 your daily companion to monitor your heart rate, activity and sleeping pattern. This water-resistant wearable fitness device features a 3.12-cm (1.23) IPS LCD Screen and up to 20-day Battery Life to ensure that you monitor and maintain an active and fit life.

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Brand : Huami Amazfit
Type : Smartwatch
Screen Size : 1.23''
Sensors : Triaxial acceleration sensor - PPG heart rate sensor - Capacitive wear sensor
Wristband Material : TPU
Battery : 160mAH Li-polymer battery
Battery Life : Up to 20 days
Charging Duration : 2.5 hours
Accessories : Magnetic USB cable
Wireless Connection : Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
Water Resistance Rating : 5 ATM


Large Color IPS Screen with a Wide Viewing Angle Makes It Beautifully Visible
1.23” color IPS LCD screen, matched with the wristband, fits the wrist width of humans and ushers in a pleasant wearing feeling. The large screen comprehensively displays rich information and obviously improves efficiency in each wrist raising. The color IPS LCD screen features a variety of visual effects. The wide viewing angle screen ensures that the screen can be clearly viewed at different angles.

When 2.5D Radian Encounters R
Lines and arcs are connected seamlessly to form a rounded fillet radius (R) with the classic 2.5D radian. Smooth line design enables the screen to be as transparent as the full but non-overflowing lake water, reflecting a more fascinating gloss multi-angularly.

Flexible Wristband Makes Your Wrist Dry and Cozy
It is suitable for all-day wear by using more flexible wristband materials.

Be Your Running, Swimming and Exercising Companion
Thanks to the water resistance rating of 5 ATM1,whether you swim or take a shower after sweating, you don’t need to take off your band and worry about water.

Enjoy the Fun of Exercising without Your Phone Nearby
Whether the mobile phone is around or not, you are satisfied with the exercise interest that sprouts randomly, and don’t give up any exercise opportunity. “Exercise mode” can be used independently without mobile phones, and the exercise time, consumption, and heart rate data can be viewed on the band at any time.

Also, the “sports auxiliary screen” feature can provide you with more detailed exercise data and allow you to enable any of sportsmodes such as Run, Run Indoor, Cycling, and Walk on the Mi Mit app.
You can just raise your wrist to view each of key exercise data real-timely on the Amazfit Band 2’s large screen.

Another Way to Control Music
You can listen to music at ease, without need of taking out your mobile phone from the pocket.
The band can display the song name and progress of the mobile music player. Additionally, you can perform pause/play, last/next actions directly on the band.

Health Matters
A Personal Guard for More Accurate Heart Rates
The self-developed new-generation PPG heart rate sensor and heart rate monitoring algorithm are used to ensure the measurement of heart rates is more accurate and lower power-consuming. Lightweight and suitable for 24-hour wear, Amazfit Band 2 records your steps, calorie consumption, heart rate changes, resting heart rate, and heart rate zone (which need to be activated on the app) all day long. Also, it automatically records your sleep at night and analyses the sleep quality.

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